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Primary Lesson for Nursery:
I Will Be Baptized and Confirmed

Lesson 26, pages 108-111

Jesus Christ was baptized to show "unto the Father that he would be obedient unto him in keeping his commandments" and to set an example for us. When we are baptized, we also show that we are willing to follow the Savior and obey His commandments. After Jesus was baptized, "the Holy Ghost descended upon him". After we are baptized, we are given the gift of the Holy Ghost through the ordinance of confirmation. This means that we can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost if we keep the commandments.

Primary Lesson Preparation

Pictures pages 110 (1 and 2) or (GAB 35, 103, 104). Copy pages 110 (1 and 2) and 111 for booklet.

Picture for Primary Lesson 26

Show the picture of Jesus Christ being baptized (page 110). Point out details in the picture - Jesus, the water, John the Baptist, and so on.

Jesus was baptized because He loves Heavenly Father and wants to obey Him. Say "Jesus was baptized" with me.


Point to different parts of the picture while you recite the words to the first verse of "Baptism."

Jesus came to John the Baptist, (point to jesus, then to john)
In Judea long ago, and was baptized by immersion
In the River Jordan's flow. (point to the water)

"Immersion" means that Jesus went all the way under the water when He was baptized.

Scripture for Primary Lesson 26

Jesus Christ tells us in the scriptures that He wants us to be baptized.

Open the Book of Mormon to 3 Nephi 12:1 and say, "Jesus said, 'Believe in me and be baptized.' "

You can be baptized when you are eight years old. (invite the children to repeat the phrase with you, a few words at a time.)

Picture for Primary Lesson 26

Show the picture of the girl being baptized (page 110) and point out the similarities between the two pictures.

You can be baptized, just like Jesus was, when they are eight years old. (hold up eight fingers, four on each hand, and count them.) Being baptized is one way we can follow Jesus; when we are baptized we show that we love Heavenly Father and want to obey Him.

Picture for Primary Lesson 26

Show the illustrations on page 111.

After we are baptized, we are confirmed. Say "confirmed." This means that men who hold the priesthood put their hands on our head to give us the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Conclusion to Primary Lesson 26

Say with me, "I will be baptized and confirmed," a few words at a time. (briefly tell your child how you felt when you were baptized and confirmed.)

Primary Lesson Activity

  • Guessing Game - Copy the illustrations on page 111 and color them if desired. Fold the page in half so that the baptism illustration is showing on one side and the confirmation illustration is showing on the other. Show your child your copy of the baptism illustration, read the caption, and invite your child to say "baptized." Turn the page over, and repeat for the confirmation illustration. Hide the illustrations behind your back. Then show your child one side of the page, and ask, "Is this boy being baptized or confirmed?" Invite your child to say the answer with you. Hide the illustrations behind your back again and repeat the activity as long as he is interested.
  • Booklet - Help your child color the illustrations on page 111 to use with the pictures on page 110 (1 and 2) for booklet.